First lets solve the issue people have with trying to determine whether they’re eating dressing or stuffing. Stuffing and dressing have mostly the same ingredients but in our opinion dressing has more flavor and probably more bits of turkey bits. Which ever you decide to make please just make sure its cooked properly and its not DRY or undercooked.


Dressing is normally used as a side and stuffing is used to “stuff” the turkey so meat is normally not added. To help you here’s the recipe for both turkey stuffing and dressing .

Now that we got that over with let’s talk about what to do with leftover dressing shall we? It never fail in attempt to make enough dressing for our family we always have leftover dressing and turkey! Right? RIGHT! Here’s 3 quick to get rid of your leftovers dressing:



We know for the mothers and grandmas thats been making tamales the traditional are really frowning on this idea but remember we’re using this recipe to get rid of our leftovers..So relax ๐Ÿ˜Š

2. Muffins

Leftover dressing muffins (Mr.Man)

3. Stuffed Peppers


4.Bird’s nest egg

Grocery Lane

Now if you follow the recipe to the T your bird’s nest will look very similar to the one’s below only with your leftover dressing and not hashbrowns.


5. Deep Fried Stuffing Balls


Still have turkey leftovers? See 10 Quick recipes for leftover turkey

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