For some reason everytime we think of turkey we always think of that one relative that invites you to Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey is sometimes a little DRY. The thought just makes you want to skip the turkey and dressing and make a totally different recipe to give the turkey some life.  Once you get those horrible thoughts out of your mind then its easier to focus on what to do with leftovers.

1. Turkey sandwiches


2. Turkey salad

Turkey Salad Sandwich (Valley Fresh)

3. Turkey pot pie

Turkey Pot Pie (Pinterest)

4. Turkey Noodle Soup


5. Turkey Marsala


6. Turkey Lasagna


7. Turkey Sausage
8. Turkey Pizza
9.  Turkey Croquettes
10. Turkey Gumbo

Still have leftover dressing? See 5 Quick recipes for leftover DRESSING

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