War Room (Youtube) War Room

Before giving our review on War Room we have to say that this movie was simply amazing. We could really watch this movie over and over again and gain a different perspective from it every time. Very different than expected because alot of faith-based movies are really cheesy and most of the time they have a great ending blah-blah blah, Everything happy- go- lucky and everything superficial and nother really relatable. This movie,however was VERY different from the norm.

So enough of our opinions, now we’ll tell you exactly how this movie played out.

The movie stared with husband and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) and Tony (T.C.Stallings) living the typical American dream great jobs,nice house, with a beautiful daughter…So atleast thats what most of us thought at the start of the movie.

During the movie,Elizabeth’s husband would come home with a grouchy personality and didnt really pay attention to either his daughter or his wife. Instead he flirts with an office chick that caught his eye as he was making his monthly rounds working at a pharmaceutical company as a marketing representative. This guy had an ideal job with bonus and travel opportunities. That was until….

Elizabeth on the other hand carried a pleasant almost perfect personality. The only thing is deep inside she is harbouring feelings about her life situation and her husband. In other words she was alive but she wasnt living.


That wasnt until she met her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who helps her find a new meaning to life and prayer. Miss Clara’s character kind of puts you in the mind of a typical grandmother she was blunt and to the point. One of the most memorable moments in the movie with Miss Clara was when she offered Elizabeth a less than hot cup of coffee it was more like room temperature. She was attempting to teach Elizabeth about her walk with Christ via illustration.
Miss Clara’s not hot and not cold illustration was referencing Bible verse

Revelation 3:16


To sum up our review Miss Clara invited Elizabeth over to chat. Elizabeth used her invitation as a moment to talk about her husband and what he’s not doing. Miss Clara cut her off and taught her how to read her Bible and pray..
So immediately Elizabeth went home and read the scriptures and tried to create a make-shift “war room.

At first, her prayer room was more like a hangout she forgot the true purpose of why she was there. As Elizabeth’s life turned for the worse she became very efficient with with her prayer closet and her walk with God.

It was through Elizabeth prayers that saved her marriage and strengthen her and her daughter’s relationship . Elizabeth also gained a great friend and prayer warrior through this process..
If you havent seen War Room yet go see it!

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