Dont worry about the title stating 10 things that WOMEN do.. These gross and bad habits are things that both men and women do..Probably more often than you think.Everyday we go through life all cheerful and jolly and we never really take a moment to think of the simplest things that are SO GROSS AND DISGUSTING. Here’s our top ten list of things that are super nasty that people never really realize just how gross they really are:

image1. Birthday Cake
Who would think a simple birthday cake would make our top ten of nastiest things but yea birthday cakes are so gross..The birthday cake itself is not nasty its when people blow the candles out that makes birthday cake so gross..We know…we know…we know…We eat birthday cake like this all the time and its a real tradition but when you sit and think about it~~~> GROSS!

image2. Buffets
We’re sure everybody like the sound of ALL YOU CAN EAT but lets really think of this concept for a minute..Shall we?
Lets start with hand washing. Fact is most people dont wash their hands prior to touching the serving dishes,spoons and etc. The worst thing we’ve seen with buffets are people sneezing and coughing and still serving their own food. If you want to take this nastiness to another level,imagine small kids that make their own plates at buffets. Sometimes they forget use a clean plates for the second helping..Kids are just kids so you can imagine how messy the buffet concept gets…Nasty!
Honestly,restaurants in general can be a little gross if you really think of it but for now we’ll just let you marinate on the BUFFET side of things.


3. Gas stations/Gas pumps
We’ll just let you figure this one out..Its pretty obvious.


4. Refill drink dispensers


For whatever reason some convenience stores allow people bring their own cup back in for a drink refill. Let us walk you through this refill process~~>
Someone has a drinking cup in their car or truck . Remember that most of the people shopping at these stores are driving company cars. Who really takes out the time to clean company cars? This refill system was built for convenience and we get it but the same cup allowed for refills whether clean or dirty touches the same part of the drink dispenser that the other customers with brand new cups does. Yuk!

5. Libraries/public computers


We were actually in tears to put library on the nasty list because WE LOVE BOOKS and WE LOVE THE LIBRARY!
Okay now that we’re finished our rants lets get back to the point. We listed libraries as one of our nastiest places because the property of library is constantly in the possession of people we dont know. Yes our favorites book,cds,and dvds are in the cars and homes of people we dont know. Which explains #6 ofor Video Rentals that we actually PAY for.

6.Video Rentals –SEE ABOVE


7. Hotels


We want to thank Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible for showing us just how NASTY hotels are… Anthony has gone around the world and looked in every nook and cranny in different hotel rooms and found dust,dirt and grime where we wouldnt expect it.Even if you are the cleanest person on earth and your home is immaculate do you really expect someone else to clean the way we do? Nine chances out of ten hotel rooms or bathrooms are NOT disinfected. Dont assumed that  because you are staying in a 5 star hotel you will get a cleaner room…Nope! The more expensive the room the only thing that increases is customer service

8. Pizza deliveries


We never really cared about the college kid that delived our pizzas in his beat up car with no hood  until we got all fancy and got  DiGiorno store bought pizza. We never really cared how nasty some people keep their personal  cars are that delivers our pizzas day after day after day…Yuk!


9. Waiting rooms at doctor offices and hospital emergency rooms

imageSome of you are wondering how  hospitals or doctor’s office waiting room could be so nasty but these are the places with all the greatest toys and magazines…Now we can assume that they sterilize the toys but there’s no way possible to clean the magazines filled with pages and pages of germs from sick people.


10. Elevators
Right now we’re SCREAMING similar to Mommy Dearest when she had a hissy fit over the wire hangers. Buttons on the elevators makes most of us cringe because we touch the elevator buttons knowing that everyone has touched them. In addition,we know that most people touching them were probably sick. Even after elevator buttons are cleaned, germs are still on the elevator buttons just lerking.. This is funny but not funny when you think about it.


Next we will tell you 10 Ways for Women to Fight Germs

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