Portland Oregan Police are investigating an attempted abduction near the Parkrose neighborhood. The teen girl is safe. Officers say she was not sexually assaulted but did suffered minor scrapes during a struggle with the suspect.

PORTLAND Oregan Skyline

The incident was reported at 4:39 p.m. on Friday from the 5200-block of Northeast 92nd.

Officers spoke with the girl and learned that she was dragged into the bushes by a stranger near the entrance to a mobile home community called the Sumner Estates Mobile Home Park.

The girl fought back and was able to run home and get help.

Officers have searched the area, but have not immediately located the suspect who is described as an adult black male, in his 30s. He is about 6-feet tall and was last seen wearing a white tee-shirt, dark pants and a red baseball cap. Officers say the man may have been wearing a hoodie.

Police say they have not received any similar reports of this activity.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call 503.823.3333.

Source: KOIN

What a happy ending!! Kidnappers normally dont give their victims a chance to think of their next survival move after being attacked because their whole game plan is catching them off guard. We’re so proud of this teen for fighting back and getting away from her alleged kidnapper.


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