It’s really sad when a parent can’t pick up their children from school without being attacked. It’s worse when you attackers tell you to “go back to your own country.” It’s statements like those that shows us that people have yet to learn about cultures, and American history.

Picture of School Building (Ohio Constitution)

Toronto police say a Muslim woman reported she was attacked from behind and beaten by two males Monday while picking up her children from a school in North York. Authorities say they’re treating it as a possible hate crime.

According to police, the incident took place at 3 p.m. in the Flemingdon Park area, which is southeast of Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue East.

“The victim was picking up her children in the area of Grenoble Public School and she was attacked by two males,” Staff Sgt. Hunter Smith told CBC News.The two approached the woman beside the elementary school, pulled her hijab aggressively and took her cellphone and some money before fleeing, police say.

“One of the males commented to the victim that she should go back to her country, that she was a terrorist,” Smith explained. Two males approached the mother beside the elementary school, pulled her hijab aggressively and took her cellphone, according to police. (Mike Heenan/CBC) Const. Victor Kwong said it was a completely unprovoked attack and the woman was “punched all over and kicked.” Kwong added the two men hurled slurs that were “bigoted in nature” at the woman and tried to rip off her hijab.

The woman fell to the ground in the incident, which police said appears to be “motivated by hate.”

Kwong said the entire incident was seen by a witness who called police.

In Another Incident

The woman, whose name and age have not been made public, was taken to hospital with minor injuries and has since been released.

Sahar Badawi was at the school Tuesday morning. ‘We live in Canada and this is our country,’ she said. (CBC) Police also said they are aware of another incident nearby.
Sahar Badawi (CBC News)


“There was some graffiti written on a wall, something along the lines of Muslims not welcome,” Staff Sgt. Smith noted. “We have no information right now to see that the two incidents are connected, but they did occur in the same area.”

Local resident Sahar Badawi was at the school Tuesday morning. “We live in Canada and this is our country,” she said. “So, regardless [of] what they’re doing, we are here and we are all together — human beings, at the end of the day.”

Toronto Mayor John Tory also weighed in on the matter, condemning what he called an “anti-Muslim attack” that will not be tolerated.

Source: CBC News 


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