Hello Beauties,
We’ve seen a lot of lipsticks this year, but we have to admit nothing beats seeing a lot of great lips colors all at once. Twenty-five great colors to be exact.Looks like Smashbox has given us a slice of heaven right in a lip palette. To celebrate 25 years of existence Smashbox has just created their For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed: Be Legendary Lipstick Palette. Is this not the cutest little compact? What a way to celebrate 25 years! Happy 25th year anniversary Smashbox!

Here’s the lip palette colors from Smashbox:
Lipstick in Lori (classic red matte)
Sandra (light pink matte)
Tina (vivid violet)
Jessica (honey nude rose)
Kim (light red berry)
Michelle (fuchsia matte)
Kate (bright raspberry)
Avery (neon pink)
Angie (soft peach)
Dean (fig)
Ashley (mauve pink matte)
Andy (bright red orange matte)
Davis (true red)
Nina (hot pink)
Jennifer (bubblegum pink)
Jane (plum matte)
Peggy (neon purple pink matte)
John (bold coral), Starr (pink)
Matthew (warm raisin)
Christina (true red matte)
Annie (caramel matte)
Kelly (deep plum)
Phil (mauve nude pink)
Robert (pink red) 

Here’s how Smashbox described their new product:
What is it?
A limited-edition, sleek, collectible palette of 25 lipsticks that features Smashbox’s most beloved creamy and matte shades, all inspired by icons. 

Has anyone tried this product yet?

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