Silly of us to think that gray hair color was based on age..Just incase you didnt know gray is the new blond or black..Yes silverish-gray hair is taking over the internet. Dont believe us just Google #GrannyHair and you will find the treasures of gray hair. Women are going cray cray over the gray gray. Take a look at the five gray hairstyles that blew us away!


This hair color on PINK has a light purple tint still gray and we love it.


Check out Toya rocking her gray locks..Gray locks paired with awesome make-up equals awesome.


She looks like she just wanted out of a fairytale. Ageless!


As you can see gray is definitely not just for aging beauties.Grey is for every woman.


BuzzFeed noted while naturally going gray requires no work besides waiting, going artificially gray calls for quite a bit of work.Jan-Marie Arteca, a colorist at Jeff Chastain Parlor hair salon in New York City, BuzzFeed Life learned exactly how much maintenance, time, and money the #GrannyHair trend requires.

Take a look at the steps below:

Before you settle on gray hair, you have a few decisions to make. Namely, are you willing to put your hair through the potential damage from bleach and dye?

Unless you have a naturally light-blond hair color, going gray means bleaching your hair to strip out the color before dyeing your hair. Even when it’s done by a professional, bleaching your hair means you’re going to have some breakage and damage. Basically, your hair may become thinner, and you may need to cut off some length to keep it in a healthy state. To minimize the damage, Arteca suggests following the tips above.

Then, you need to mentally prepare for a drastically new look.

Next, purple toner is applied to take away any yellow undertones left by the bleach.

Why is the toner purple? Because it directly counteracts the yellow undertones in hair to give you the white-silver color.

In order for gray dye to look true to its color, it should be applied to hair that has a white-silver undertone, which is exactly what you’ll get when you put purple toner on bleached hair with a yellow undertone.

Then the stylist will apply the dye, which actually looks purple.

Once the hair is bleached and toned, the final step is the gray dye itself. After about 30 minutes of sitting on the hair, it’s washed out.

Now it’s time for some maintenance.

To keep gray hair looking fresh and lasting as long as possible, Arteca suggests the following tips.

If you like the look of gray hair with dark roots, you can stretch the time between salon appointments to opt for an ombre gray hair color instead.

And here’s what to do when you want to touch up your hair dye at home.

Vaseline around your hairline will stop the dye from sticking to (and dyeing) your skin.

Separating your hair into sections helps with even, allover coverage of your hair. You can separate into as many sections as you need to cover your whole head.
Put on latex gloves before you start mixing the hair dye and take them off right before washing your hair to avoid dyeing your skin.

When applying the hair dye, you can use your hands, or for a more precise application, use a dye brush.
After you shampoo the dye out of your hair, avoid washing your hair every day to help the dye last as long as possible in your hair.

Before you begin this process, line the floor of the room with newspaper or tarp to protect it from any stray dye marks.

Tips from BuzzFeed

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