If the abuse was that great, ” why didn’t you just leave?” Why didn’t /don’t you leave is a common question that Domestic Violence tend to get all the time. How hard is it to leave when you’ve been a victim? Jess McCabe of Women’s eNews give an insights of the questions we want answered with dealing with victims of Domestic Violence below:

A common question domestic violence victims hear is, “Why didn’t you just leave?” The answer can be complex.

In the United Kingdom, those advocating for victims of domestic violence are worried that recent cuts to government services and stricter eligibility rules for benefits are making it even harder for domestic abuse victims to overcome obstacles to leaving.

Jess McCabe, a freelance correspondent for Women’s eNews, wanted to understand the impact of these government policies. In 2014 she interviewed domestic violence survivors across England. In this series she shares their stories, unmasking financial difficulties faced by domestic violence survivors and how these difficulties might keep them from leaving abusive relationships. McCabe also explores other obstacles that stopped these women from leaving the moment the abuse started and what made them realize the time had come to walk away. During this time she also updated a Tumblr on her findings.

Join the conversation on domestic violence on Twitter using the hashtag #WhyIStayed

Source: Women ENews

9 thoughts on “Domestic Violence|Common question for victims of Domestic Violence

    1. You are absolutely correct! The second step of abuse is mostly verbal and emotional abuse. The first step is separation.(keeping the victim away from friends,associates and family)
      The abuser does these tactics so the victim becomes totally dependent on them.

      We are survivors! Thank you Jesus. We would love to share your story on our website if you’re interested please email info@womenwithgifts.com

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      1. Sure! Is there a special place to submit on the website? I’m on my phone right now but I’ll be able to go on the site from my tablet later today

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