Why women shouldnt celebrate National Men Make Dinner Day

We didnt know such a day existed but here it is November 5,2015 is officially considered National Men Make Dinner Day!  . Yes you read it correctly! We wont ask the obvious question,but where’s our day/holiday for cooking for for a zillion years?? Anyway we’re not bitter! Lets explore more about this national holiday shall we?


According to a Forsyth News article, National Men Make Dinner Day is observed each year on the first Thursday in November, this year’s event takes place on Nov. 5, 2015.

Back in the day, women typically took care of the home and the kids while the men worked outside the home. But move over, June Cleaver, Lucy Ricardo, Sara Lee and Betty Crocker – things have changed. A woman’s place is no longer in the kitchen! In today’s society, most of us work either inside or outside of the home – or both. Most of us are overworked, underpaid and just plain stressed out. It’s important everyone pulls their weight – including meal and clean-up time.

Just in case that man in your life isn’t the Galloping Gourmet and needs a little help, National Men Make Dinner Day encourages those special fellas to get out the ole’ recipe book and give cooking a try. And they don’t need to be a trained chef to participate, either. (It’s important to note, many men actually like to cook. According to Men’s Health , men cook at home about eight meals a week – and like it!)

But if he isn’t someone who regularly cooks, today is the perfect day to step up to the “plate” and give it a go. (And by the way – ordering take-out or warming up leftovers you made the night before, doesn’t count today.) If he needs a little friendly persuasion, check out these handy dandy tips.

In case he has never learned to cook, here’s something new and fun you can do as a couple. Why not sign up for a few cooking classes you can both take together? Surprise her. Put on the chef’s hat and sexy apron and try out that recipe you’ve been dying to try.Get creative. If the meal doesn’t turn out as planned, no worries. It’s the thought that counts, right?If he’s a grillin’ kind of guy, why not encourage him to try something new on the bbq? Why not celebrate the occasion by heading to the kitchen and cooking a meal together? Turn off the electronic devices, take the kids to a sitter and make a romantic night of it.

Source: Examiner
If all fails men are welcome to try one of our easy recipes. We hope this day will promote men to cook weekly or even a month would help the busy schedules in most of our households.

What do you think of National Men Make Dinner Day?


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