Domestic violence is something that filters through every area of society. I have worked in the field of education for more than twenty years and seen the devastating effects of domestic violence on women and their children.

Many years ago I was praying and God placed a burden for victims on my heart. From that point forward I decided to use my voice to raise awareness as they could not use their own. The unique thing about my voice was that I had a stutter (which I eventually grew out of) but I decided to still lend my voice.

These women live with pain, silence and shame. The demands and abuse of their intimate partners has laid to rest the gifts, talents and vision they once had.

For three years I worked voluntarily for a local rape crisis and domestic violence charity where I would listen to women, who secretly called the helpline for support and advice. I listened and would try to hold back my own tears while hearing the trauma and fear they lived in.

This awful secret must be brought out into the open by those who are willing to use their voice to advocate on behalf of these women and children. Domestic violence is a thief. It robs families of the joy of experiencing love, security and acceptance. The physical abuse is devastating but how far does the abuse pierce the soul and emotions of the victim and destroys the dream of a bright and safe future for her children.

The bible teaches us the importance of using what we have to help others. Our help should also include the use of our voice. Can we as individuals, groups, organisations or a nation use our collective voice to advocate on behalf of those who have none? Can we champion the cause of these women and children? If your answer is yes then start by raising awareness on your social media sites. Also, find out what you can do in your local community as charities are always looking for volunteers.

If you know someone who is currently experiencing domestic violence, support her; let her know she is not alone. It takes a lot of strength for a woman to leave her situation as many are murdered when they attempt to escape.

Let’s work together to move this from under the carpet and out into the open

For the month of October I dedicated all my blog posts to raising awareness. My voice is their voice and I intend to speak out on their behalf, until they can gather enough courage to utter their first words and develop a voice of their own.

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Jennifer Parillon
Jennifer Parillon
Written  Jennifer Parillon

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5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence|Advocate for domestic violence

  1. Awesome post Jennifer. I commend you on your efforts to raise awareness for domestic violence. You are absolutely correct that abuse touches many homes and various social classes. As a survivor, one of my life’s missions is to raise awareness and educate my community about this preventable problem. I work with the local Domestic Abuse Agency in my county to raise funds for shelters, the abuse hotline and other services that they offer. I believe that we also need to focus on educating girls beginning at any early age. By the time many of them enter middle school they’ve began dating and some tolerate treatment that could be classified as abuse. I will definitely continue to use my voice to raise awareness and I appreciate the work that you are doing as well.


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