This post is for all of our fashion designers and  Project Runway fans. Last week we were left on hold not knowing who won win Project Runway. Excuse us,lets go back one week further. Two weeks ago our hearts dropped because Edmond was out and Tim still had a pass to bring one of the designers back…DUHHH. Tim used the pass brought Edmond back and we were still on hold wanting to see who would win.Soooooo this week, the four contestants that remained at the top of Thursday’s nail-biting finale were— Kelly Dempsey, Candice Cuoco, Ashley Tipton and Edmond Newton.We liked all of the designers and their creativity. Edmond wooooed us with the ruffle designs.Our favorite was the white ruffled dress with black bowtie and trim…Yes!imageKelly is a straight hustler. She brought back the FANNY pack aka the casino pack.imageWe thought “The Rock” was the only person that could give a fanny pack a heart beat…but no Kelly gave fanny packs life. The only thing missing from her runway gear was a pair of skates-thats our opinion.Her hottest final design was the wood panel dress with the matching fanny pack.OMG!imageCandice had killer designs but what do we know we’re just tv watchers?? Here’s one of our favorite looks~~~>imageTipton, who wowed us through the season meant business this final round.
Its always the underdog that noone has confidence in,everyone talks about and just be all mean and ugly to that comes back and bites you in the butt. We should have known to watch Ashley through out the season when she created ~~~~>imageTwo weeks ago, we saw the big oversized flower headband and we were shaking in our boots! Ashley was advised twice to tone done the headbands,but she stuck to her guns and gaves us FLOWERS!!! Wow.. wow.. wow..imageimageCongrats Ms. Ashley Tipton of Project Runway! You dyed material and you put in countless hours on the sewing machine and it paid off! Plus -size nation stay tune for more hot and sexy designs.imageAshley accepted her win by stating,
“These definitely are happy tears,” she said. “Thank you so much.”{Photos from Project Runway courtesy of Lifetime}

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