Its not enough that we recently mourned the death of Whitney Houston.Then before we could get over Whitney’s death we lost her daughter,Bobbi Kristina. Most of you may have even gotten involved with the social media #PrayBobbiKristina movement.Either way this family has always been in our hearts. Such a sad moment.Recently Fox 5 reported that the woman who cared for Bobbi Kristina Brown in the days before her death was allegedly pretending to be a nurse, a local television station reported.

According to Fox 5 News Atlanta , a woman who was working in the hospice care center where Brown passed away was arrested and expected to be charged with impersonating a nurse.


Detectives also had warrants against the woman — identified as Taiwo Sobamawo — for forgery and identity theft related to her alleged fraudulent employment, according to the report.

Sobamowo has yet to appear before a judge after being arrested in North Carolina on Sunday.

It was not immediately clear if Sobamowo’s employment at the hospice center had any connection to the death of Whitney Houston’s 22 year-old’s daughter.

The station reported that Sobamowo was among those who treated Brown in her final days in hospice.

Soure: KTLA News

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