We can’t deny that Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. People who really wouldn’t dress up during the year for any other occasion will dress up for Halloween. It may sound strange but it’s true. Forget about all the blood and gory costumes that you had a chance to see at this year’s neighborhood Halloween party, take a look our top 10 Halloween costumes.

1.No one saw these two coming this year but these twins really brought Halloween to life in their Chanel Purse costumes. They actually killed it! Oh yea you can read about them and their costumes in Huffington Post. Too cute!

Chanel Purse Bag Costume (INSTAGRAM.COM/THEROYALTWINS) Chanel Purse Bag Costume

2. If you’ve ever been to a college game with a jazzy band this costume means so much to you right now. He is so cute emulating the drum major for Southern University(Jaguars). Oh yea and the outfit was made by Frog Bellies and Blossoms Boutique

number 2 Little Drum Major (Facebook)

3. This costume is for all of the I Love Lucy fans.. This costume that you can be cute and classy for Halloween. So adorable!

I Love Lucy (Facebook) I Love Lucy

4. Starbucks anyone? Be this cup of coffee is so cute she really doesn’t need a caption.

Cup of Starbucks (Facebook) Cup of Starbucks

5. Halloween shouldn’t be about going out and buying costumes, it’s about being creative and cute.. This little guy has definitely hit the nail on the head with that!

Pumpkin (Ellen) Pumpkin
(Ellen DeGeneres)
Twinkies (Ellen DeGeneres) Twinkies
(Ellen DeGeneres)

6. TWINKIES!!  Don’t know who thought of this but isn’t this just the cutest. Especially if you’re a Twinkie fan.

7. If you ever want to dress up like a bird this is exactly how you should look! He is too cute.

Chicken Costume (Tamera Mowry) Chicken Costume
(Tamera Mowry)

8. BUSTED! Here’s a policeman that took his costume…oops we mean uniform seriously. Love this costume shared by Fox 2 News.

Police uniform (Fox2Now) Police uniform

9. This costume was one of our favorites because it looks like the dog almost had a heart attach seeing this pug costume. Too funny. This picture was shared by Answer POP

Pug Costume (Answers Pop) Pug Costume
(Answers Pop)

10. If you ever want to have a costume that shows you’re in love…..you should dress up like IHOP Pancakes! Take a look at the married couple below:

IHOP costume (Josh Sundquist Facebook) IHOP costume
(Josh Sundquist Facebook)

Which costume is your favorite?

As an added bonus don’t forget the baby “Pope” costume at the Obama’s —

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