As mothers we’ve all seen the time when our children just didn’t make it to the restroom in time or they’ve had accidents at school and were required to go to the nurse and change clothes. It’s actually a nightmare to fathom of a child having an accident at school and having to wear just tee-shirt and undies home…and to ride the bus home in that condition is despicable . That’s just horrible!

A family wants answers from an elementary school in Florida after their 6-year-old daughter was forced to ride the bus home from school with nothing but a soiled shirt and some underwear. It started at Bellterre Elementary School in Palm Coast, FL.

“My kid don’t want to go to school, my kid don’t want to ride the bus,” said Raymond McCurdy, the child’s father. Raymond McCurdy said his daughter got off of the bus crying and holding a bag of soiled clothes.

“I was upset,” he said. “I was mad. What happens if my kid would have gotten touched by somebody?” He said the incident happened during class. His daughter raised her hand to use the restroom, but the teacher allegedly ignored her until it was too late.

“She has medical issues and when she has to go, she has to go,” Raymond McCurdy said. He said his daughter has had accidents in the past but always came home fully clothed. He said the school never called or asked if he could come pick her up. Raymond McCurdy said he immediately went to the school and spoke with the assistant principal.

“[I asked] her why my daughter was sent home in just panties and a t-shirt,” he said. “She begins to tell me ‘we thought she had a long enough shirt to be able to put her on the school bus and send her home.’” He said he’s outraged by that response and wants something to be done so another child doesn’t go home feeling humiliated and disrespected. “This school is where we’re supposed to trust our kids,” Raymond McCurdy said. “You have our children. If I can’t trust the school, who can I trust?”

Raymond McCurdy said the school board called him this week and it said it would be investigating. The school district said it was aware of the incident and would also investigate.

Source: WNEW 

2 thoughts on “News|6 year-old sent home by school in only t-shirt and panties

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m outraged. There is no way a responsible adult would send a child out in decently exposed like that. Child endangerment, borderline child pornography, public humiliation, character and self esteem destruction, and the list violations to this child goes on and on. I’m in tears just thinking of how she felt. A cruel thoughtless and vengeful adult did this. There is more to the history of this teacher child. I fought everyone in the school including the bus driver who should have said something as well. If they would have sent her to school dressed that way social services would have been called and the child would already be in foster care. I’m boiling, I just need to stop typing…… 😢😤😦😬

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    1. Yes this is really sad and mean. Not sure who would send someone home in tee-shirt and undies but we pray that the parent are just as upset to talk action. Nothing really happens until parents take action. Thank God for the extreme media coverage for this incident. Will keep you posted on any updates. Stay tuned.


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