Is it a cold,flu,or just a common allergy? Often times when either we are sick or our children are sick we take immediate action. We run to the nearest drug store load up on tons of meds, Kleenex and Lysol without knowing whats really wrong with us. Depending on how old you are you dont take meds you use old home remedies and clean the whole house with more bleach. Why do we clean when we or someone in the house gets sick??  So unknown but our great habits are the things people should love about us-right? RIGHT!! We are the best weird creatures on earth. 😊

Recently we read this article from News In Health and wanted to share the article  because we wanted to help out our women and moms reading this article. Regardless of what we may think we dont get sick because our houses are dirty or we didnt use enough bleach. Studies show that women and children have cold and flu symptoms longer than normal because we treat our illnesses incorrectly.For example sometimes we take over the counter meds when we actually need treatment from a physician.

Here’s our advice to all women and moms:
Take a moment and print out the chart below which tells you all the symptoms of a cold,flu and allergy…How cool is that!

imageWho’s guilty of cleaning while they’re sick?

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