Recently we had the opportunity to RE-read one of our blogs from our guest blogger Valerie. In this blog, Valerie shared how hard it was to shop for shoes because her feet were a tad wider than the average female. After reading Valerie’s post, we were inspired to give these tips. Here’s quick tips for women shopping for the abnormal shoe sizes:

Heels (Pinterest) Heels

1. Start looking in the wide selection. Don’t be afraid just ask for what you need when you walk through the door so you won’t waiste their time or yours.

2. Always try vintage shops for wider shoes and don’t be afraid to try on a uni-sex shoe. The best part about some men’s shoes are they come in different colors.. Yaaay!

Oxford Shoe (Chic Style) Oxford Shoe
(Chic Style)

3. Skip the straps. If you are already having issues with finding that perfect shoe, shoes with straps will only depress you because 9 chances out of 10 they won’t fit.

Shoes with straps (Shoeper Women) Shoes with straps
(Shoeper Women)

4. Look for shoes with the adjustable feature.. This is always your best friend when looking for shoes.

Guess Heels (Color Fashion) Guess Heels
(Color Fashion)

5. Don’t be afraid to try a new brand. Look for shoe brands that cater to a wider side.

What are some of the issues you face when you shop?

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