Before we begin this post about The Cosby Show we just to say that this post is very random and is not relative to the recent allegations of Bill Cosby. For those of you that are not familiar with the Cosby Show. Here’s a bit more information about the television show: Cosby played a doctor and dad in this all-time classic, which was TV’s biggest hit in the 1980s and almost single-handedly revived the sitcom genre and NBC’s ratings fortunes after ABC passed on the series. Mostly set in a Brooklyn brownstone, the series focused on obstetrician Cliff Huxtable and his wife, Claire, a lawyer, as they raised their kids with loving firmness. The series debuted in September 1984, ran for eight seasons and produced one spin-off, `A Different World.’ according to TV Guide.


Some people feel that this show became America’s favorite because it depicted the American dream of a female attorney being married to a doctor. From a perspective of a woman, we feel that the Cosby Show was a show that gave us realness. Finally a show that had more of a down to earth feel. If you are a mother, you know that we had our fair share of the June Cleaver and  Carol Brady. Although they were great actresses and gave a the best of motherhood on scene.. Most of us really couldn’t relate to them. While watching the show over the years we learned how to communicate better with our family. Not just go through the motion of having a family but actually sitting down and being a family. 

Just curious who was your favorite female character on the show and what do you think others can learn from watching this show?

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