First lets talk about fashion for a moment. A Lot of people are always bragging on their fashion sense but essentially fashion is out the window when you don’t have STYLE. Fashion is NOT going into a store seeing a outfit on a mannequin and buying the outfit exactly like the store styled it for you.That’s not style that’s stale. Anyone can grab a bunch of name brand clothes,toss them together and call it stylish but its actually not…It simply shows that you are TAG educated. You now have a Master’s Degree of Fashion Ignorance.Ooops we meant,intelligence..
(Darn auto-correct) 😀

One of the reasons we are such fans of the television show Project Runway
is because of the challenges the designers face during each episode. Sometimes the designers are given something as simple like recycled goods like Hallmark cards or wires to design a runway ready hit. Believe it or not the designers always manage to create a masterpiece-at least some of them. Either way thats what we call STYLE! Style is taking what you have and making it scream your personality. Most tag hogs forget to be stylish because they are too busy attempting to follow fashion trends that really doesn’t fit their personal style. Here’s our fashion tip:
Be you and have fun you with style and own it!

Here’s our look for this week:
This looks was inspired by GOLD nails!

fashion tip

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?

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