An Oregon woman was held captive and abused for more than 40 days, according to court documents filed in Polk County on Monday. On Monday, the District Attorney’s Office filed charges of first-degree sodomy, first-degree rape, first-degree unlawful sexual penetration and first-degree kidnaping against Ronnie Lee Jr. Records show that his co-conspirator, Irish Boyce was arrested on Monday morning and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. She is currently facing charges of second-degree unlawful sexual penetration and second-degree assault.

Ronnie Lee Jr. and Irish Boyce shown in jail booking photos from the Polk County Sheriff's Office. (KOIN 6)
Ronnie Lee Jr. and Irish Boyce shown in jail booking photos from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.
(KOIN 6)
According to a probable cause affidavit filed on Monday, the woman told police that she went with Lee to get heroin. Lee drove the woman to a residence in the 2100-block of Marvin Court Northwest. Investigators say Lee lives at the residence with Boyce. The woman told police that once she ingested the heroin, she was assaulted by Boyce with a “closet rod,” according to court documents. The woman told both Lee and Boyce that she wanted to leave the residence but “they would not let her,” according to court documents. When she tried to leave, she was beaten, according to investigators.

Investigators said that the woman “had to sleep on the bathroom floor” near the bed in which Lee and Boyce shared. According to the woman’s account, Lee “would shoot her with heroin and she would pass out.” The woman was forced to have sex with Lee at least 20 times between September 12 and Oct. 25, 2015, according to records.

When Lee was interviewed by detectives after his arrest, he admitted to having sex with the woman but claimed that she and Boyce were lying “to make him look bad,” according to court documents. Lee also told detectives that he had seen Boyce assault the woman. When Boyce was interviewed by detectives, she said that she had hit the woman with a wooden closet rod “10 times on one occasion,” according to court documents. Both Lee and Boyce remain in the Polk County Jail. The affidavit does not detail how police learned of the alleged kidnapping.

Source: KOIN 6

It’s hard to believe that someone would go through the experience of being held against their free will but these stories are true. Also take a moment to read a similar story about Ashley Smith.

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