Most experts say there is no one profile of men who batter or beat women. Domestic Violence crosses all social and economic boundaries.  Dr. Susan Hanks, Director of the Family and Violence Institute in Alameda, California states, “that men batter because of internal psychological struggles. Usually, men who batter are seeking a sense of power and control over their partners or their own lives, or because they are tremendously dependent on the woman and are threatened by any moves on her part toward independence. Some men batter because that’s the only way they know how to be close to or relate to a partner. Some men grew up in violent households, where they watched their mothers abused by their fathers and where they themselves were abused. Some men become violent under the influence of drugs or alcohol, although the substances themselves do not cause the violence.”

We’ve watched these actors in several movies and while we spent time admiring their cuteness and/or talents, we had no idea that some of our favorite male celebrities had been arrested for Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is sometimes taken so lightly that society never expect for celebrities, clergy members or people of  authority to struggle with abuse issues. Here’s our 5  MALE Celebrities that you never guessed went to jail for domestic violence:

Nicolas Cage (The Guardian)
1. Nicolas Cage

In 2011, Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic battery and disturbing the peace. Cage reportedly pushed his wife outside of a tattoo shop and punched some cars that were nearby. Source: NY Daily News

Charlie Sheen (Photo: AP)
Charlie Sheen
(Photo: AP)
2. Charlie Sheen

In 2009, “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen was arrested on domestic violence charges after reporting trying to choke his wife Brooke Mueller. Sheen also pleaded no contest to a 1996 charge that he attacked his girlfriend at his home. Soure: Jezebel

Mel Gibson (Fashion Style)
Mel Gibson
(Fashion Style)

3. Mel Gibson 

In 2010, Mel Gibson pleaded no contest in a battery charge regarding his then wife Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson was also arrested in 2006 for drunk driving, the charge was associated with Gibson’s now infamous anti-Semitic tirade. Source: NNDB 

Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)
Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

4. Terrence Howard

Fox’s Empire and Hustle and Flow star Terrence Howard was arrested for domestic abuse in 2001. He was also charged with assault in 2000. Souce: NY Daily News

Tommy Lee mage courtesy of (via ABC News Radio)
Tommy Lee
mage courtesy of (via ABC News Radio)
5.Tommy Lee was arrested for domestic violence in both 1994 and 1998 for battering then-wife Pamela Anderson. I’m not sure how he still makes money off of being famous, but he does, which just goes to show you that famous people don’t even have to be likable or even particularly talented in order to still make a living off of their fame after allegations of abuse.
We know we said 5 celebs, but here’s one we added as a bonus.
6. Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin (Mid Day)
Josh Brolin
(Mid Day)
Just before he achieved the breakout success of No Country for Old Men, Josh Brolin got arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. Police reported to the home of the actor in 2004 after wife and Man of Steel actress Diane Lane called them to resolve a conflict. Brolin was brought in for misdemeanor battery, though Lane later dropped any and all charges. Like the aforementioned Roberts, Lane and Brolin characterized the episode as a misunderstanding. They would divorce in February 2013, albeit on much better and more amicable terms. Source: Style Blazer
These are very talented men and we will still love them regardless of their past with stated abuse issues. This article is not to damage their character, but bring awareness to an on-going issue that people seem to sweep under the rug after the month of October. (Domestic Violence Awareness Month)
This is not just an on going issue with men our next article will discuss FEMALE celebrities arrested for domestic violence.

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