By now we hope you had the opportunity to read, 5 of the hottest MALE Celebrities that you never guessed went to jail for Domestic Violence and this article was only created in order to be fair and show that sometimes it’s not only men with abusive tendencies. Below you will see 5 FEMALES arrested for Domestic Violence:

Carmen Electra (Her Interest)
Carmen Electra
(Her Interest)
1.Carmen Electra

In 1998, Carmen Electra was arrested after a domestic dispute with then husband NBA star Dennis Rodman. Rodman was also charged in the incident that allegedly stemmed from a fight about seeing one of Electra’s ex-boyfriends on television.

2. Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon (US Magazine)
Kelly Bensimon
(US Magazine)
This cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York City” was arrested back in 2009 for attacking her boyfriend-at-the-time Nick Stefanov. Kelly Bensimon reportedly punched him in the face and gave him a black eye and a gash on his left cheek. She was charged with misdemeanor third degree assault for the incident; however, the charges ended up being dropped after Stefanov failed to show up in court for two separate hearings. Bensimon hasn’t been caught hitting another boyfriend since. Source: Fame 10

Emma Roberts (Herald Recorder)
Emma Roberts
(Herald Recorder)

3.Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence in Montreal, Canada in July 2013 after hotel guests overheard a dispute coming from the room she shared with boyfriend Evan Peters. Her beau refused to press charges and Roberts’ rep issued a statement dismissing the event as an “unfortunate incident and misunderstanding.” Source: USA Today 

4. Hope Solo

Hope Solo (Athlete Promotions)
Hope Solo
(Athlete Promotions)

In 2014,US Soccer superstar Hope Solo was arrested for allegedly striking her sister and her nephew at a Kirkland home. Officers reported that they could see injuries on Solo’s 17-year-old nephew and Solo’s sister. After hearing statements from those involved, officers said they determined Solo was the primary aggressor and appeared to have instigated the assault. This doesn’t count as beating up her man, but it’s close. Source: People

Hope Solo (USA Today)
Hope Solo
(USA Today)

5. Story Daniels

Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels, a former adult film actress, and future louisiana senator hopeful was arrested after she beat her husband over his second rate laundry skills and a few unpaid bills. Daniels smashed some candles and threw a potted plant into the sink. If being an adult film actress didn’t smash her dreams of being a senator, this domestic violence case surely did. Source: Huffington Post

Samantha Gluck is a Houston based journalist, who wrote that all types of domestic violence can occur in every socioeconomic group, educational and religious background, age group, culture, and nation; and it can happen in same sex relationships as well as traditional heterosexual ones. Even though a typical victim doesn’t exist, certain women do have a greater risk for becoming victims of domestic violence and abuse:

  • Women living in poverty
  • Women with physical disabilities
  • Women with mental illness
  • Women without a network of support and few resources

Source: Healthy Place

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