You may hear this all the time but everything is bigger in Texas-at it is in Dallas,Texas. Even with it’s recent warrant round-up, Dallas is sending out a message loud and clear to abusers ~~~>>> NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER! Of course Dallas Police didn’t directly say those words,but they sure sent that message with their recent round-up. A warrant round-up is a way to pick up and arrest suspects who have warrants for outstanding tickets and other outstanding violations. Recently in honor of Domestic Violence Dallas completed a 3 day Domestic Violence Warrant Round-Up.

Dallas Police Department Headquarters (DPD website)
Dallas Police Department Headquarters
(DPD website)
According to the Dallas Police Department website, the warrant round-up took place between October 19th through October 21st, Dallas Police patrol officers and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Unit worked together to make arrests on outstanding warrants for Domestic Violence.

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Within the three day period both agencies were able to make a total of 63 arrests. Of the 63 arrest, 39 were felony warrants and 24 were misdemeanor warrants. During the month of February 2015 Warrant Round Up Operation, officers were able to clear 14 felony warrants, 12 misdemeanor warrants, 5 Non-Family Violence warrants and 17 warrants through de-confliction. In June of 2014, officers execute 29 felony warrants, 17 misdemeanor warrants and cleared 37 through vetting and de-confliction warrants totaling 83 warrants cleared.

Lieutenant Miguel Sarmiento from the Domestic Violence Unit of the Dallas Police Department stated that “The unit continues to make Domestic Violence a number one priority not just during the month of October, but every day and would like to remind victims to call 9-1-1 for help and services”.

The Dallas Police Department is happy to have a great working relationship with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and hopes to continue working together in attempt to help Domestic Violence victims as well as putting an end to this crime.

Source: DPD Website

Dallas is not a perfect place, but we commend Dallas Police for trying. Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day.

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