As women, we only want simple things in life and nothing major. We dream of having that one guy we can take home to our parents or just someone cute with common sense that we can gloat about while we float through our day. Most women dream of having the perfect guy to date or marry.

Scene from The Perfect Guy
Scene from The Perfect Guy of Dave and Leah
The Perfect Guy starts out immediately where Leah breaks up with Dave portrayed by Morris Chestnut because they had been dating for 2 years or more and he wasn’t ready for the whole marriage and family thing. While watching The Perfect Guy, you will automatically know from the start how the movie is going to end. The longer you watch this movie you immediately take on a motherly, sisterly or best friend role for Sanaa Lathan’s character Leah Vaughn because although it’s a movie you still want the best for her. Who wouldn’t want the best for Leah, her character was smart, attractive, had a successful career driving a upgraded mode of  Cadillac XTS which is a 45,000 car. So as society would have it a cute guy would complete her.  At the start of the movie, she bumped into Michael Ealy’s character Carter Duncan in the local coffee shop but was on her way to work so nothing really sparked at that moment. Soon after she breaks up with Morris Chestnut’s character Dave, she waits for her friend at a local bar and as luck would have it her friend cancels their meet-up via text and she ends up getting hit on by a not so attractive guy. Then Leah’s knight in shining armor, Carter Duncan came to her rescue in the bar which led to them having drinks. The next day he sends flowers and they went on a date…

Here’s a relationship red flag: First off, Carter picks Leah up for a first date and takes her to a “socially challenged” type neighborhood just to go dancing in the club or as some of us would call it “a hole in the wall.” It was in this dump where Leah ended up having sex with Carter in the club restroom. You’ll noticed during the movie that Carter just takes her to this location they didn’t really discuss where they were going for their first date and he didn’t ask if it was okay until they were already walking in.. This already sends up a red flag because it shows that he really wasn’t interested in where she wanted to spend their first date. In addition, Leah again was a well dressed business women with great things going for her in this dump. Most women miss these types of red flags because they want to give guys a chance and really give the benefit of the doubt.

So here’s the lesson that women can learn from this scene of the movie: 

  1. Don’t allow a man to take you out of your comfort zone. Don’t lower your standards for anyone.
  2. If a man doesn’t listen to you and hear your needs and wants this is a clear sign that he has an agenda-HIMSELF

So from Leah and Carter’s last encounter, Leah allowed Carter to meet her friends and her parents. During dinner with Leah’s friends, Carter disclosed that he didn’t know his parents because he was adopted. It wasn’t until close to the end of the movie that Leah realized that she hadn’t met his parents or any of his parents.

Scene of Carter meeting Leah's friends (Tumblr)
Scene of Carter meeting Leah’s friends
Isn’t it funny how successful men will ask tons of questions when they meet a women and will probably run a credit check, background and maybe hire a private investigator, but most women will just accept everything a man say as golden.. Funny Huh? According to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, fear of being single can drive people to stay in bad relationships or settle for less-than-desirable partners.

1968 Charger (ABC Cool Images)
1968 Charger
Type of car that Carter Duncan drove in The Perfect Guy (ABC Cool Images)
Here’s where Leah and Carter’s fling began to turn for the worst. As they were returning home from spending the weekend at Leah’s parents house, they stopped at a gas station to get gas in Carter’s 1968 Charger, a 70,000 car and this when all HELL broke loose. The gas station mechanic came up and asked Leah if he could take a picture of the car. During this time the mechanic just happened to lean on and in the car to see the gauges of the car and Carter lost it. He beat the mechanic to a pulp. It was at that moment of the movie it was hard to differentiate whether Carter was really infatuated with Leah or it he was an extreme car guy.. Either way, that part of the movie was the turning point of the movie. Carter became a very stalk-a-tive person after that point.

Scene from The Perfect Guy (The Shadow League)
Scene from The Perfect Guy
(The Shadow League)
We encourage every women to see this movie it teaches every relationship “NO-NO” that you could possibly think of. We don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone but if you’ve seen the movie please leave comments about it and lets chat. What was your take on the movie? What did you like? What did you hate?

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie, take a moment and watch the movie trailer below:

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