Picture of feet (ISTOCKPHOTO)
Picture of feet

Summer is gone and there’s no need for pedicures or anything else related to foot care right? WRONG!!! Just because it’s almost time to put away sandals and those favorite pair of open-toe shoes doesn’t mean to go through the non-Summer months without foot care. Taking care of your feet is very important regardless of the season is very important. Here’s 7 simple tips to take cake of your feet during the non-Summer months: 

1 Remove dead dry skin from your feet. If you use one of the new ‘foot filing’ products that are designed to remove dry skin from you feet (and resemble a mini cheese grater), please do so carefully. Use the file when your feet are dry; using it on wet feet can leave them sore.

2 Give your feet a bath. You do not need a specifically designed foot bath to pamper your feet, the truth is that those of us who own one of these often end up using it once and then deciding it’s far too much fuss. Try essential oils, added to your bathwater, a carrier oil or even your moisturizer. You only need to use a couple of drops! Peppermint will cool down hot, aching feet, tea-tree is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will help to treat any nasty fungal infections while rosemary oil will help to warm cold feet and with circulation.

3 Use a foot scrub weekly to stimulate circulation and leave your feet feeling and looking soft and smooth.

4 Always use a moisturizer on your feet after a bath or shower, paying particular attention to any very dry areas. For super soft feet; once a week at bedtime, apply moisturizer, follow with your favorite body oil, cover with some cotton socks and wear overnight.

Care for your toenails. Push your cuticles back and trim nails, straight across, shortly after a bath or shower. Paint your toenails in a playful color to lift your mood any time that you see them.

6 Paint your toenails to make them look nice.

7 Make sure you are wearing the correct size of shoe or boot. When shopping for shoes leave it until as late in the day as possible, feet have a tendency to have to increase in size over the course of the day.

Source : WikiHow


In addition to the foot care tips from Wiki How, also be aware of foot fungi and other foot issues that can cause other medical issues in the long run. Fungal infections can begin in the nail or the skin and then spread. If it starts in the nail, it can stem from an infection or trauma, and lead to a more dangerous condition, such as cellulitis. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of a foot fungal infection include:

— Thickened toenails

— Brittle, crumbly toenails

— Discolored toenails

— Itchy, scratchy skin

— Blistering skin

— Toe pain and/or a slightly foul odor

What secrets do you use to take care of your feet?

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