Neighbors never though in their wildest dreams or should we say in their worst nightmare that the person that they disregarded as a seasonal Halloween decoration hanging on a fence was actually the body of Rebecca Cade.  Neighbor described the scene of seeing Rebecca’s body to WCPO Cincinnati   as ” the worst Halloween scene you could ever imagine,” said resident Tammy Dixon.

Officers from the Chillicothe Police Department said that Cade, 31, was severely beaten and attempted to flee, but got her sleeve tangled in the barbed wires on top of the fence as she was climbing it, according to People.

HNGN reported that Donnie Cochenour, the prime suspect in the case, was arrested on the same day and charged for Cade’s murder. Chillicothe Law Director Sherri Rutherford said that his clothes were bloodied when police arrested him.

Rebecca was described by a family member as being in and out of jail and trying to get her life back on track. Family also told media that  they loved Rebecca Cade and one didn’t deserve to be killed in the manner she was. It’s reported that Rebecca had a 15-month old son that was being cared for by relatives.

Rebecca Cade feeding her 15 month old
Rebecca Cade feeding her 15 month old

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