NewsFix recently reported that the search in Dallas is on for 18-year-old Zoe Hastings’ killer. Oak Farms is upping the ante by offering a 10,000 REWARD Earlier the month, the Booker T. Washington High School graduate was found dead Monday morning  in her family’s white Honda Odyssey. The minivan had crashed into a  bushy creek near White Rock Lake.

Dallas Police Department has ruled Zoe’s death as “homicidal violence.”

imageZoe was described by friends as being smart with a bright smile. Read what Zoe’s family shared about her below:

“She was a good big sister. It wasn’t a chore to have these little siblings running around,” her dad Jim Hastings said.

“She put a note out on our mailbox. [It was a questionnaire for our mailman] and it said, Dear Mr. Mailman, I want to know about you. What’s your favorite drink? What’s your favorite candy bar? She just wanted to know things that she could give to him to kinda brighten his day,” mom Cheryl Hastings said.

“She was real excited about going to medical school. She would go to the library and read books about surgery. She thought she wanted to do heart surgery or brain surgery.”
{Statements from Zoe’s family shared from NewsFix Article}

Police officers pinpointed Zoe’s last stop to be at a local Redbox in front of Walgreens Sunday evening. From the Redbox to her church would have been a seven minute drive according to Dallas Police. However Zoe never made it to her expected destination.

Do you know what happened to Zoe? Please report all relevant  information regarding Zoe to Dallas Police Department . Our prayers are with Zoe’s friends and family.

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