Periscope has to be one of the best social media apps going right now. It’s on Periscope you are literally able to watch events, places and things from the eyes of the beholder-in real time. The greatest thing about using this social app is being able to post immediately in hopes of getting an immediate response.

Here’s quick Periscope Tips from CNN:

Periscope: Top tips
  1. Nope, no need to turn your phone — the app is optimized for vertical video.
  2. Stream something you have a unique view of. Top of a mountain? Exclusive event? Remote city? Yes please.
  3. …But don’t broadcast anything you don’t have permission to show! (This means you, Game of Thrones fans.)
  4. Let viewers direct the broadcast. Answer questions; show them something again if they’ve missed it.
  5. Archive your broadcasts so people can view them up to 24 hours after they were live.
Photo courtesy of KXAN news
Photo courtesy of KXAN news

Recently Periscope users were able to see 23 year-old, Whitney Marie Beall driving drunk LIVE in Florida.. In this case Periscope viewers became more of a crime watch community and some come 911 and alerted police of a drunk driver in their community. One of the officers then used their personal Periscope account to track Whitney Beall in her drunk driving frenzy where she was arrested. Take a moment to watch  Whitney drunk on Periscope:

Lee Cohen, a Lakeland attorney representing Beall, released the following statement about his client:

“She is a young professional with a bright future. When her court date is set, I will be entering a plea on her behalf of not guilty. I am not doing any interviews at this time, nor is my client or her mother. I’ll be investigating the case and that starts now. I am waiting to see all the evidence, and I will take a look at it. I am also waiting for discovery from the State Attorney’s Office.”

We can only hope that Periscope users will use the app in a more safer manner.

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Are you on Periscope? How do you use the app?


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