Have anyone ever stop to think about the real definition of beauty?
Who really decides what’s beautiful and what cute? How do we know that we are really at our best just by looking in a mirror? Is beauty based on diversity or is it based on cultural backgrounds?

How others perceive us:

Think about this: What if you had everything you needed but you didn’t value what you had because the people around you didn’t appreciate it?? Our society has changed so much. It was a time that we didn’t really care what people thought about us. Or did we always care what people thought about us and just pretended not to?

Something to thing about:
Now as you think of my previous  questions, take a moment to think about this question:
Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? After thinking of these questions  you will see that now the second question now takes on a new meaning. It now takes on a new shape. WHY? Now whether your glass is half full or whether your glass is empty now depends on the perception of others or atleast the people you hang around. If the people you hang around feel that you glass is empty then you will start to believe that your glass is empty. In addition to feeling like your glass is empty you will start to devalue your glass all together. Because of the way other’s view your glass you will stop caring about the glass or it’s contents because of other people’s view of your glass. Are people beautiful based on how society accepts them?

Analogy of how we see ourselves :
Have you ever had someone to visit your house and you may have had an old vase or old shoes that were on their way out the door to the trash but because you had that one person to say “Oh my God, I love those shoes or Oh my God, I love that vase”. You not only decided not to throw the vase away, but now you decided to keep the vase, clean it up a little and maybe even put flowers into it. PERCEPTION.Sometimes~~> Most of the time, who we surround ourselves with will allow us to DEVALUE the things that we know is worth something.


1) Dont allow others to de-value your gift or your beauty. Your gifts or talents may be useless to them because they don’t NEED your gifts. On the other hand, someone else would pay millions for your gifts.

2) WATCH YOUR SURROUNDING. Build your circle with people who celebrate you and not take away from you. Also,keep in mind that your beauty is created from inside out and not outside in.

3) Know your worth and value your time and energy.

Based on the above definition of beauty are you beautiful?

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