Every Monday morning Women With Gifts host a conference call prayer and recently our focus of prayer was on our families. Our intention of praying for praying for marriages and families was to create stronger units needed to brave the economy and current state of our country.

The more we prayed for FAMILIES I thought about my grandmother “MyDear” and my great grandmother “Big Mama”. They were both single women but they were strong women who believed in the foundation of family.
My Big Mama married young and shortly after marriage her husband was sent to war.When he returned he died from lead poisoning.My Mydear also married young and also started her family of eight young.She was left single because they lived in a small town where there wasnt really alot of work in town.My grandmother shared with me that my grandfather moved out of town to work and send money back and never returned.Nevertheless,both of my grandmothers were women who valued family regardless of the curve balls life had dealth them.

Growing up I remembered how they spent their last to make sure we held a yearly family reunions. Now most of us are happy just seeing our family members update their status on Facebook.Nowadays our family fights last for years and years and some of us if not most of us are okay with not speaking with relatives on a daily basis..

Its the simple things that I miss about my grandmothers-they were the glue that kept our family in tact.
My grandmother knew that alot couldnt stand being around certain family members and my granny stopped all foolishness at her front door.If our family fought with our brothers and sisters or our cousins my granny spanked us with a switch and made us hug while standing in a corner.At the time I dont think my grandmother knew it was parenterally incorrect to use corporal punishment with a timeout-type method. But it just shows how serious about family my elders were.

It’s somewhat obvious that most of us won’t ever feel the way our grandparents did about our family but how can we get the strength of our families back? How can we stop the fighting and strife of our dynamic units when a love one pass on?
Has the growth of technology hurt or helped our family systems?

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