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Today, I want to share some tips on how to protect your hair whenever you flat iron (or heat style) your hair.  About a week ago, I decided to straighten my hair to do a length check and to clip my ends.

1st Tip: Always heat style on clean and good conditioned hair.

My first step was to wash and deep condition my hair.  I deep conditioned (using Shea Moisture) my hair to help retain moisture and protect your hair while heat styling.  After I washed the deep conditioner out of my hair, I detangled, applied the LOC method (using Treseme Leave-In Spray (L), Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner (C), and Heat Protectant Serum (O)  and placed my hair in two strand twist:

hair 2

2nd Tip: Blow Dry or place your hair into a non-heat stretched style

Once I put my hair in two strand twist, I stretched them out my pulling them to the opposite side and using a bobby pin to keep them in place and to keep them stretched.  I allowed my hair to air dry while my hair was in this style:

If you decide to blow dry your hair, I would suggest you use a low to medium setting while using a comb/brush or a comb attachment for your blow dryer.

3rd Tip: Make sure your flat iron temperature is not over 450 degrees.

Before and after picture of natural hair and flat ironed (Beautiful Secret Hair)
Before and after picture of natural hair and flat ironed
(Beautiful Secret Hair)

After my hair was completely dry, I would release a twist in whatever section I was working in, and began flat ironing my hair.  I set my flat iron at 410 degrees and also added some more heat protectant to the section of hair that I was flat ironing:

Setting the correct temperature on your flat iron is (for me) the number one way to prevent heat damage but can also be kind of tricky.  Depending on the person and the hair type, your hair may or may not handle high heat.  I recommend starting off on low heat (maybe around 375 degrees) to see if your handle this temperature setting or if you need to go a little higher.  Never flat iron your or heat style your hair with any heating tool on or over 450 degrees.  Most people hair can handle heat up to 450 degrees before it will start to burn or become damage.  Please note, for some people, their hair can be damage at lower temperatures.

4th Tip: Do the Chase Method and work in small sections.

Taking a small section, I would first, pass through my hair with the flat iron.  During my second pass, I would do the Chase Method, which I had a comb that was designed for this method.

If you do not have this type of comb, the only thing you have to do is use a rat tail comb in front of your flat iron and pass through your hair with the flat iron chasing the comb.  I did about 2 passes for each section.

Final Tip: Wrap your hair or place your hair in a protective style at night

After I was done flat ironing my hair, I just wore it straight for a couple of days.  I would wrap my hair at night and just comb it down the next morning.  After those couple of days, I would braid my hair at night and take it down in the morning to create a braid out:

Some last quick tips that I can share with your for your straighten hair are:

  • -Don’t use a water base moisturizer for your hair. It will revert your hair back to it’s natural texture.
  • -Pull up your hair in a high pony-tail and wrap your edges when you exercise.  Don’t release the pony-tail until most of your hair is dry around the edges.
  • -Use a light weigh oil or serum on your hair to help keep your hair from reverting.
  • -Don’t flat iron your hair if it’s wet or damp.  It will most likely cause heat damage.

What are some tips that you would like to share for straighten hair?

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