Praying for prostitutes may be the craziest prayer you’ve ever seen on the internet but as I traveled recently I noticed a lot of people selling their body-both men and women. I remember when prostitution was done in a more discreet manner.Or was it just that I never really paid attention to the issues of prostitution because the prostitutes had become fixtures on the street.As I rode down the dangerous streets,I began to view prostitution from a mother’s perspective. Was it possible for that prostitutes were just children who had lost their way and couldn’t return home? Were they people who had forgotten how to pray or had no hope?
The more I thought about the issues and dangers of prostitution I realized that out of all the people and situations I had prayed for I had never said a prayer for prostitutes.

Here’s a prayer for people selling their bodies on the street/ prostitutes

Father God we are coming to you right now first to ask for forgiveness of our sins. For none of us are perfect.We also want to thank you God for where you have brought us from because we haven’t always been Christians and serving you. We haven’t always followed you word or your will. The good news is if God is able to bring us from drugs, prostitution and whatever situation WE were in I know that there’s hope for the other people that still out there on the streets.

Lord while the prostitutes are out on the streets Jesus keep them safe. We don’t know their situation and it’s not our business but Lord send them back home today Jesus. Let them see the light and know that they can come to you just as they are. In the name of Jesus we pray ~~~> AMEN!


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