Lord we come to you today first to thank you for our freedom, but Lord while we are grateful for our freedom we have to remember the ones that are not so fortunate. Lord we come to you today expecting you to shake up some jail cells today.We’re needing you to break some chains in our judicial system today O God.
Lord we don’t know why half of the people are behind bars but we know that the numbers are growing. Some are killers,some are thieves,some are drug dealers and maybe even worse,  but some are INNOCENT and they are still sitting behind bars.Have mercy on them Father!

Lord help us to not judge anyone because they are behind bars. Father your word says in Romans 3:23 we’ve all sinned and fallen short of your glory. So in essence God it could have been us behind bars,it could have been us requesting probation or parole but we are still free today and we owe it all to you.

Lord continue to strengthen the families and friends needing answers as to WHY their love ones are in jail and when they will return home. Help the lines of communication to be clear between the judicial system and the families today Jesus…

Lastly we pray that as prisoners go before the court to find out their fate, you will step in and be the voice of the attorney today and the sound mind of the Judge.

In the name of Jesus!


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