Ladies, most of you who know me know my story... For the ones who have 
just met me via Facebook, inbox, etc...I'll share the short version... 
Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy: they decide to get married, 
a year later they had a child... Now wife never talked about her past 
and that affected her relationship between now husband... Which lead him 
to have multiple affairs which hurt his wife. The husband was hurt as 
well from all the rejection that came from his wife not touching him, 
making love to him, always saying no and pretending she didn't need him 
which opened more doors for the husband to seek others... Some were 
close to the wife some were not. It didn't matter because it still 
hurt... Now let's fast forward wife gets past that hurt and betrayal and 
11 years later finds out new information about her husband's 
past...people threaten to hurt the wife because of their hurt from the 
past that was just brought to light... So they decided they wanted me to 
hurt...if there are any questions--YES my husband and I are still 
together and loving each other more in this season than we have ever in 
our entire 17 years of marriage. So why did I title this Love Under New 
Management! Well let me tell you..when you get something new you tend to 
do away with the old maybe because it doesn't work anymore or it might 
have just been time for a newer model. In our case it was the 
latter...The old Andre needed to be made whole again and the old 
Jennifer needed  to know how much she hurt her husband. God showed us 
all that and more!! He allowed us to start really praying and searching 
for answers to the hurt that was built from years of rejection from me 
(Jennifer). Then I could really truly admit that I caused some deep hurt 
over the years that my husband never felt like he could share with me 
because of my actions. Don't you think for a minute that the devil 
didn't start getting busy... hell broke loose with family, children and 
even my husband. There were thoughts in his head that this time we 
weren't going to make it because of the new information. Though it was 
old, it was still new to you still might ask why do I called 
this Love Under New Management... Well through all that we are still 
standing today because of the grace that God has given us to restore and 
start over as husband and wife.. Now is this for everyone??? I can say 
that different people are equipped to handle different situations.. Was 
my husband wrong for cheating? YES! Was I wrong for rejecting him as his 
wife and opening that door? YES! I think as wives we sometimes have to 
really be honest with ourselves and see our part in the situation.. Not 
that it made it right but I own up to my part. I read something from a 
person who had very strong views on infidelity in marriage; they stated 
that they would get a divorce if it happen in their relationship...well 
biblically you have the right to do so AND every person has a right to 
their opinion...BUT for me divorce wasn't an option, fixing the problem 
was...You see God showed my husband and I a new way to love, his way to 
communicate better, love better, laugh longer, spend more quality time 
just loving each other. All things combined taught me that it's not all 
about me. My husband wants to feel special just like I do... It allowed 
me to open my eyes to so many different things I missed for years... Our 
love now is more Christ centered and driven by the word of GOD! It is 
his word that keeps us even when it still gets hard... Yes ladies, it 
gets hard for me sometimes. But the love that God has placed in my heart 
for my husband is unbreakable and I couldn't see a moment of my life 
without him...I have witnessed a man grow into a man of God, a lover of 
people, his wife, and children... I've watched him minister to others 
and do things for people that he never speaks of and not asking for 
anything in return... I've watched him chase after God wanting to know 
more of his word to teach others how to survive the storm of a broken 
marriage... So you see, I really feel blessed in some ways not for the 
act itself, but for the bringing it in to the light... It allowed us to 
heal and live again, trust and be made whole again... So if you are 
looking for your Love To be Under New Management.. Don't hide the truth 
if you can deal with it all of it... Heal from it and start New! The 
Williams' are living testimonies that prayer and being two totally 
committed people wanting change works in saving your marriage... This is 
my story what's yours?

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2 thoughts on “What LOVE looks like under new management

  1. This is so inspiring thanks for sharing. By you sharing your testimony I no longer want to be ashame of things my husband and I have been though. I can say we survive.


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