Happy July (1)

Everyone please enjoy your holiday and remember to be safe!

Because of July’s weather most of us will be either in or near pools to stay cool. Last month along 36 drownings were reported in Texas alone. As we take a moment to say HELLO to the month of July, we also want this July to be one of our safest.

Please take a moment to read the tips from WatchKidsAroundWater.org

Here are indoor safety tips:

Never leave small children alone near any

container of water. This includes toilets, tubs,

aquariums, or mop buckets.

Keep bathroom doors closed and secure toilet

lids with lid locks.

Never leave a baby alone in a bath for any

reason. Get the things you need before

running water. Infants can drown in any

amount of water. So if you must leave the

room take the child with you.

Warn babysitters or caregivers about the

dangers of water to young children and stress

the need for constant supervision.

Make sure small children cannot leave the

house through pet doors or unlocked doors

and get to pools or hot tubs

 Here are outside water safety:

Never leave children alone around with water

whether it is in a pool, wading pool, drainage

ditch, creek, pond or lake.

Constantly watch children who are swimming

or playing in water. They need an adult or

certified lifeguard watching and within reach.

Secure access to swimming pools. Use

fences, self-closing and latching gates, and

water surface alarms.

Completely remove pool covers when the

pool is in use.

Store water toys away from the water when

not in use so they don’t attract a small child.

Don’t assume young children will use good

judgment and caution around water.

Be ready for emergencies. Keep emergency

telephone numbers handy and learn CPR.

Find out if your child’s friends or neighbors

have home pools.

Enjoy your summer

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