Is there a such thing as being CALLED to be a Christian wife

Genesis 2:18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

 And then the lord said that her name will be Jennifer. A woman can be a Christian wife without being perfect (we know there is no such thing as human perfection). But as a wife you will grow increasingly more understanding, patient, and committed to what God has joined together and with that being said, what does it mean to me to be a Christian Wife? It means submitting to my husband without a safety net, it means loving him even when we might not agree and it means never going to bed angry and without saying I LOVE YOU. Being a Christian Wife means that I will trust my husband with all my heart and not be afraid to share my deepest secrets. Being married 18 years has taught me that having the last word is not important and my our communication and commitment to one another will outweigh love in the end. So what does it mean to be a Christian Wife? It means that if I had to leave this earth I would want my last days to be in my husband arms, it means sharing my fears so he can reassure me that I am an overcomer, it means praying together at night along the bedside rails and waking up in the middle of the night to stare at my husband face to thank God for giving me such a loving man. So you ask what does being a Christian Wife mean to me, it means saying yes even when you’ve worked all-day, it means letting my husband pastor our home, it means divorce is not an option and it means nothing is to hard for God. A Christian Wife will take the good with the bad and still praise God in the mist of the situation and when my husband is weak God will give me the strength to be strong to carry us through. In our marriage my husband and I prefer one another over money, virtue before beauty, mind before the body and commitment over giving up. Marriage is daily work that my husband and I have committed ourselves to for the 18 years and counting and nothing but death could separate us from the love we share with each other. I will never say that the road has been easy nor has it been a fairy tale but what I can say is that through every trail God has seen us through and with putting him as the head over our lives we cannot fail. My husband and I are committed to one another and to helping other couples understand that nothing is impossible with GOD!

Have you met Jennifer?


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