1. Water, Water……..and WATER: Water is my best friend.  It’s was keeps my hair moisturize after I wash and condition my hair and it’s also great when I do my LOC (Water/Leave-in, Oil, Cream) method.  Water also helps me with retaining my length by drinking it…….So drink up.

Natural Hair (fiercebeautyandfashion.wordpress.com)
Natural Hair

2.  Protective Styling:  When I put my hair into a style, I try to style it in a way that at least it will last week without daily hair manipulations (combing, nightly twisting, and etc.). The best protective styles that I do are mini twist or braids because I can give my hair a break from styling and low manipulations.

3. Deep Condition: I try to deep condition my hair every 1 to 2 weeks to help my hair stay moisturize throughout the week.

4. Hair Routine: I make a hair routine for me to do to keep my hair in the best shape that I can.  For example, On Saturdays is my wash/condition day with doing the LOC method.


5. Hair Trims:  About every 3 to 6 months, I get my ends trimmed which reduce the risk a split ends.

6. Moisturize:  As I mention above, I do the LOC method to keep my hair moisturize and also spray it with water/leave-in conditioner throughout the week.  The one thing that you do not want your hair to be is dry, which can cause your hair to break off.

7.Healthy Diet and Exercise: Now I will admit that this is one tip that I need to work on more but a healthy body means healthy hair.  Everything you eat and everything you do, affects your body….including your hair.

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