Last year, the Singles Ministry invited all the Singles of the church to attend a meet and greet after service. I wasn’t aware that this ministry even existed, so I found myself interested to see what it was all about. I attended along with a few other singles. It was informative and refreshing to know that there was other singles in the body of Christ.

Fast forward to this year, we experienced some change in leadership within our congregation. I walked into church and one of the ministers approached me and said that I heard you are the person to speak with about the Singles Ministry. I was quite shocked that I had been recommend to lead the ministry. I have taken on this role because I know that God has a plan for me but it’s all for his glory and kingdom building.

Speaking for myself, I didn’t like being labeled single and I was always the person that had to have a boyfriend to fill complete in life. Last year, while sitting in church service I was broken and empty in the inside. I was searching for something but couldn’t seem to find it. I had been searching to fill this void all my life. As I sat in church and tears rolling down my face and I couldn’t stop crying. God spoke to me through an individual sitting next to me and he told me to “Trust Him.” Since that day I have been trusting in the LORD to fill the void of being single.

Don’t get me wrong it’s hard being single in a world where everyone has a spouse, boo thang, or side piece. You often find yourself sitting and pondering on the following questions… “What’s wrong with me?” “Will I always be single?” “What am I doing wrong?”  “Should I just settle to fit in with the crowd?”

This is where the Singles Ministry comes in to play a part in that area or season of your life. I believe that a Singles Ministry is needed in all congregations across the world. The purpose of the ministry isn’t dating but to empower spiritual growth by applying biblical understanding to being single, saved, and satisfied.

Our purpose isn’t to just exist but to live a life that is pleasing in God’s sight. One of the things that God revealed to me is that my attention isn’t divided and I can rely on God to grow those areas in my life that needed to be nurtured for spiritual growth.

Being single should be celebrated and not be a mourning period in our lives. There are so many other likeminded people like us that are desiring to connect with us and grow spiritually. As leader, God has given me the spirit of boldness to step out of my comfort zone and interact with others more. The main thing I hear is that people love the fact there is a Single Ministry but that we just don’t focus on dating.

You can have fun and attend social events while single. Think for a moment… Have you ever been out on New Year’s and the countdown begins, at 12am all the couples starting kissing, you’re left standing there blinking and hoping that this moment passes soon.  I know I can’t be the only one that has experienced this…

Imagine if that scenario changed, you’re hanging out on New Year’s with a group of singles, the countdown begins and all of you are screaming Happy New Year’s everybody! You would be able to relate to them and not feel like the awkward person in the midst of the couples.

There is stigma among us as people that there is something wrong with us if we are single. We don’t want to tell people that we are single. We feel like we are being judged by the ones that are dating.

I’m here to tell you that God is going to raise up a generation that is unashamed about being single but are willing to spread the gospel uncompromised, save souls and add to God’s kingdom daily.

Paul tell us in 2 Corinthians 7:32 An unmarried man us concerned about the Lord’s affairs-how he can please the Lord. (NIV)  During our singleness we can use that to develop an intimate relationship with God.  If we look at our status as being singles as a gift we would value the status more and not think of it as a negative status.

It’s not a sin to be single so let’s not dwell on the status but on the relationship that we have with God. The most important thing that that we are called to do is serve God. We are first class citizens in the kingdom of God and we are needed in this world. This may be permanent or it may be temporary but in the meantime let’s live single, saved and satisfied.

Written by Calandra


8 thoughts on “Guest Post|How to be single, saved and sanctified

  1. As someone who has led a Singles Ministry for many years, I find it refreshing to come across others who share the love if God and has a heart for the Singles and NOT treat the ministry as a dating group!!! I applaud all that you do and know the inner battles you face as you teach the singles to celebrate their singleness and to not upon it as a curse!!! Stay encouraged and know you are not alone on this road if singledom!!!


    1. We love that single and marriage ministry is growing and not treated as one ministry because the singles should celebrate being single and marriage ministry is what we need in order to keep strong healthy marriages together.


      1. Me too, because oftentimes singles get left out of the loop and given one simple command, don’t have sex, by the masses, while giving them tasks they can’t do because as they say ‘We’re married with families and y’all have plenty of free time to do all these things.


    2. Hello, Can you send me your contact information? I’m always looking to connect with others that have lead a Singles Ministry. It’s not about dating but growing spiritually. This is so important for any single to develop an intimate relationship with Christ.

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