Are the fireworks still going off in your marriage? 
Couples, when I think of fireworks it brings to mind the word EXPLOSIVE! 
That's how our marriage should be...explosive, in a good way! Wives, we 
should be explosive in the bedroom...dress up, take the bonnet off and 
give your husband some excitement when they come to the sacred their bath when you know it's almost time for them to arrive 
home from work... Give that much needed rub down even when you've had a 
hard day at work. Spend some time talking, kissing, touching, all the 
things that happened before the kids came in the picture...cook his 
favorite meal and let him know that you appreciate him being the pastor 
and provider for your household. Ladies we should be their sister in 
Christ, lover in the bedroom and prayer partner when they need 
covering...YES, even when they don't tell us their fears because they 
don't want us to worry... Love on your spouse and keep the fireworks 
going off in your marriage. My husband reminds me daily how we can make 
things better spiritually, physically and emotionally...I appreciate him 
for this because I struggled for a long time letting him know what he 
meant to me. Loving him was never an issue but showing him and desiring 
him was...Not because he wasn't desirable, but because of my own issues. 
I thank God for allowing me a  second chance to right my wrongs. We're 
far from perfect...we're just two people that have gone through, now 
we're doing it God's way with the desire to help others...This is my 
story what's yours?


Have you met Jennifer?


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