I pray that an un-quenched desire to know thyself

and love your fellow being, begins at the base of your soul.

I hope you see that your worth is like gold,

despite the negative nonsense you’re told.

Please chase your dreams and research your heroes,

instead of degrading your royalty and desiring

to fight in videos. Be each other’s keepers

while fighting the real oppressors.

Stop treating your own as lesser than.

Uplift each other to be women.

Dear Princesses,,

the gem from your crowns are beginning

to loosen out of their places.

And, just in case you didn’t know,

materialism and vain deceit isn’t the place to grow.

Show the world you’re royal garments

your sash of love and sacrifice,

your armor to think twice before fighting.

Your plight is not your own flesh and blood.

Unity- a word of strength

everything succeeds in numbers.

Why is it you’d rather jump your own kind than to rise in

numbers to fight the tranquilizing oppressor?

Meet Jasmine Farrell !


Jasmine is an author, poet and freelance blogger. She is from Brooklyn, NY and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Poetry is her niche and internal rhyming is her favorite poetic device. She recently published her first poetry book, My Quintessence and is featured in The Heron Clan Anthology. 

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