Recently, we voted and voted for the for our dear friend Takiya, one of the fashion designers of Ja De’van Fashion Designs & Alterations, LLC. for the Silver Rock Funding Grand For Your Brand contest. Today they made the big announcement that we won.. oops.. THEY WON!! Silver Rock Funding is made up of a team of seasoned media executives and entrepreneurs. We appreciate the needs of a small business – having been there ourselves. We know what it’s like to operate payroll-to-payroll and are dedicated to providing small businesses access to critical growth capital.


Ja De’van, founded in August 2010, is a family owned fashion design and alterations company, based in Ellenwood, GA. The founders, Evelyn Cason, Takiyah Thomas, and Deyzha Price, are a sassy grandmother-mother-daughter trio that all share a ‘Passion for Fashion’ and consider their craft a family legacy. What does Ja De’van mean? It represents a little piece of each of the founders, “Ja” for Takiyah’s middle name (Jamia), “De” for Deyzha, and “Van” for Evelyn’s middle name (Yvonne) or “Von” or “Van”….we thought that “Van” looked better) 🙂



Founder, Takiyah Thomas was inspired to begin Ja De’van Fashion Design & Alterations, during a long hiatus of unemployment. She was raised on the old school principle, ‘If you can do something with your hands, you should never be broke’. So one day, it hit her! “I’ll produce a Fashion Show.” She joined forces with her mother, Evelyn Cason, and her daughter, Deyzha Price, to form a fashion design company that would provide quality, trendy, custom made garments, with an affordable price tag, as well as alterations, accessories, and handbags.


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We had the opportunity to see alot of Ja Devan work at a fashion show hosted by ABS Fine Art & Apparel’s in Atlanta and we’ve been fans every since. We’re grateful that this company was afforded the opportunity to grow their brand because they really deserve it.. Congrats JaDevan keep going and don’t give up! You are a woman with gifts! #womenwithgifts

Read more about Ja De’van on Silver Rock Funding!

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