Words. What we use to communicate how we feel, what we want, what we need and what we don’t like etc. However, the things we say have become more malicious then Ted Bundy and Charles Manson put together. When I look back at my own upbringing, the constant “You’re Stupid”, “You’re Ugly” and other little insults, caused a little dent in my mind. After hearing it constantly from family and classmates, I eventually believed the lies myself.

I have gotten older and I have the choice to believe or disbelieve the nasty things people say to me. However, every now and then those pessimistic words I was told from past, ring in my mind from time to time. I am pretty sure some you who are reading this have wounds and false perceptions of yourselves based on what you were told during your upbringing. Even though you are older and “wiser” now those words still hit you or worst- you may still believe the lies you were told.

The words we choose to say to people can either destroy or uplift them. The bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and trust- we killin’ folk left and right with our, “You’re so useless”, “You’re not even that important anyway”, “You will never make it in life”, “If you don’t have it, kill yourself” or my pet peeve calling each other B!tch@, hoes and other derogatory slurs.

Positive words may also be a killer as well if you abuse it. Someone may come up to me and tell me, “Jasmine, you’re a great singer. Probably greater than most of the legends out today!” Not only is the aforementioned statement a hot mess, it is a straight lie!

I can’t sing a lick and neither will I try. Singing is not my place to thrive- NOT.AT.ALL.  If someone was to tell me the above statement, and I believed it, I may decide to devote all my time in perfecting my “gift”. Next thing you know you’d see me on American Idol arguing the judges down because I know I could sing because my good friends told me so.

Honesty and encouragement go hand in hand. Even if the truth may hurt for the moment; it will be beneficial in the end. It’s best to hear, “Jasmine, you can’t sing” receive my reality check, then tp walk around thinking I’m the next Jennifer Hudson. Now you know that wouldn’t be right!

I was driven home one night by one of my Uncle’s and he said something that turned my horrid night to a not so horrid one. I had a rough day and certain phrases that made me cry when I was younger came rushing back to my mind. Nevertheless, those negative thoughts ceased because my Uncle said one meaningful sentence to me. He said “I am proud of you.” What my Uncle said was not some deep epiphany, but quite simple. Yet, I almost forgot everything that was in my mind previously and smiled. That simple sentence switched my thoughts and made me feel better.

How much more can constant truth and positive words do?

Words are powerful. They can break people, plant negative seeds in someone’s heart or a good seed.


Jasmine is an author, poet and freelance blogger. She is from Brooklyn, NY and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Poetry is her niche and internal rhyming is her favorite poetic device. She recently published her first poetry book, My Quintessence and is featured in The Heron Clan Anthology. 

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