Rest in peace KYSSI

Picture courtesy of Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews (facebook profile) Picture courtesy of Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews (facebook profile)[/caption]

Most of us on social media had been praying and following the updates for Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews, a 7 year old little girl who was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Wilm’s Tumor (kidney cancer). Kyssi was so adorable and she stole all of our hearts.To wake up this morning to the news that Little Kyssi had passed away was heartbreaking. There’s so many kids that battle cancer that we never hear about. We so grateful this family allowed us to witness the life of Kyssi.Today Kyssi earned her wings and is no longer battling cancer.Her smile and courageousness should be an example to us all! We’re praying for the mother and family of Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews. RIP Kyssi!

Here’s the Facebook message from Kyssi’s page:

At 1:57am this morning my little Kyssi won her battle with CANcer, grew ANGEL wings and went home to be with the Lord. There’s no more disease, no more suffering, no more pain and she’s now in the safest arms that she could ever be in other than the arms of her mom.

I find peace, comfort and strength knowing that Kyssi belonged TOTALLY to GOD, that HE trusted me with HIS child and that I did the best that I could with what I had to allow her to live a life better than many (including myself).

Thanks for allowing me to share our story, for trusting our story, for following our story, for praying for us and for loving and supporting us.

PLEASE keep mommy and our family in your constant thoughts and prayers as we remain KyssiSTRONG.


Houston Rapper Bun B stated the following today on his Facebook page about Kyssi:

This little girl went through more pain than most of us grownups will ever have to deal with. And she never let it break her spirit. The outpouring of love from as well as for this child was amazing to watch. And through all of the ups and downs the family stood firm in their faith in God. We pray for Kyssi and her family now as we have many times before. And we are all better off for knowing her and her story. God bless the child. ‪#‎RIPKyssi‬

Gospel Singer James Fortune stated the following about Kyssi:

Four days ago as I was going to the hospital to visit @kyssiandrews and her mother Marla I had no idea of the tremendous impact that those couple of hours would have on my life. I was going to encourage and pray for Kyssi and Marla but they actually ended up encouraging me in a life changing way. As I watched Marla talk to Kyssi she began to respond to her mom by moving her tongue back and forth. Then Kyssi attempted to speak to me even though she was in a comatose state mouthing “Hi Mr. fortune”. What a fighter she is and as I saw her lying there defying the odds my faith was strengthened and renewed. How could I ever think of giving up after seeing a 6 year old with so much fight and determination. As Kyssi’s mom reminded me before I left “Kyssi belongs to God not us and whatever His will is, is okay with me”. Kyssi you will be forever missed and you touched more lives in 6 years than most people touch in decades. Marla I’m excited about the vision that God has given you to reach the world and I thank you for your encouraging words to me. Love you! ‪#‎RIPKyssi‬‪ #‎PrayersforMarla‬ 

If you were praying for Kyssi during her time in the hospital, don’t stop praying because her mother and family still needs your prayers! #‎RIPKyssi‬


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