Recently while at the park I noticed a duck and her ducklings swimming and walking around. As I watched the ducks I noticed the mother teaching her ducklings to swim.She waddled around in the water and they followed suit.


Some of you may think it’s stupid to sit and watch nature but I found  some parts of it really interesting from a distance. Im really one to respect the habitat of animals.
One of the things I thought was interesting about the mother duck is she would do something and she didn’t watch to see if the ducklings imitated her. Her actions were as if she knew  the ducklings would mirror her.
The more I watch the duck and her ducklings it made me think about parenting and other things I could learn from a duck. I know it sounds stupid but yes every second I watched the ducks I felt like I could or should learn something.So after my day in class with the ducks here’s something I wondered:

1) Are parents great  role models for their children? Do we keep our children out our harms way?

The mother duck was a great role model because she didn’t put her ducklings in danger of cars, kids playing in the park and etc.

I remember as a child my mother didn’t allow me to watch certain things on television because she didn’t want me to learn about things that wasn’t kid appropriate before I needed to. She also kept us in positive environments. As a kid,I remember my mom’s friends would spell things in front of me because they didn’t want to say anything around me that wasn’t appropriate.Now parents not only allow their children to watch anything, they allow them to say anything. People always use the cliche’ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but does this mean its not any more great apple trees?

1)As mothers, do we allow our children to fully use their potential to grow and develop or do we handicap them in a sense from too much babying?

The duck had a system of showing the ducklings what to do. Nothing was forced with the mother duck. She gracefully took a swim and the ducklings were not really forced to learn to swim it was optional, but of course they followed suit.

2) Do parents use a natural methods to teach children or do we actually force our children to learn?

This brings me to the point of standardized testing in many of our schools…Are they really necessary?
Kids are so board with with learning and if we were to be honest our children could probably take and pass these types of test without any preparation.

Here’s the ultimate lesson I learned from the ducks: This is really similar to my “elevator experience

Instead of forcing our children to be something that they are not, allow them to grow and develop on their own. One thing that I had to learn is my children are learning by watching me. So the ultimate question for me daily is what am I teaching my children or what can I teach my children today. How can I as a parent impact my children today?

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