How long would you hold on to the one you love? Your vows said for

better or worse richer or poorer until death do you part…sometimes

death comes quicker for some than others, not a physical death, but an

emotional the old saying goes…I love my spouse but I’m not

in love with them anymore…when you love someone you fight to hold on

to that 3 strand cord that is not easily broken. No marriage is perfect

but the commitment to one another that my husband and I share has

allowed us to stay together for 18 years and work on making a difference

in our marriage based on what the bible says and not what we’ve seen

from other examples of marriages in our past. I know without a doubt

that my husband was design just for me and we’ve endured what most

wouldn’t have in their marriage but the  pay off has been much greater

than the fight and I would do it all over again. This is my story what’s


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