Sometimes in marriage we live our lives with a lot of untold truths,baggage, and hurt from our past. We don’t want others to know that wehave been damaged and broken by others–as if we’re weak–

This was ME…

I lived my life hiding behind a tough girl persona. For years I

allowed myself to live a life separate from who GOD called me to be and

INDEED created me to be. I never knew how to truly love myself nor

others. I was a little girl searching for love from men. I never had a

Father to show me how it felt to have love, be loved, and give nothing

in return. I did NOT love GOD, myself, or others!



And that is how I entered into my marriage…I was ready for the

moment my husband decided he wanted to leave. I told him things like:

“I have a house to go home to. I don’t need you” or “I can take care of

myself .”

You see, what I saw as a child was women in unhealthy

relationships. They were with their spouses because the bills were paid.

But, the love was gone. I thought that was what a marriage was supposed

to look like…I took those things I saw into 14 years of my marriage. I

ALMOST lost it ALL!

I finally had to recognize the thing that was hindering me was ME!!

I did a self check, some soul searching, and healing. All these things

combined made me a better wife, mother, and friend. I stopped allowing

the enemy to have so much power over me! I stopped speaking in the

atmosphere things I was afraid of. I started to 🙏 even when I didn’t

see a quick turn around. I modeled the fruit of the spirit! I was

determined to be healed and finally have peace!!

It has been a hard battle, but well worth the fight! DON’T YOU DARE

GIVE UP! You have one more round left in you. Remember who loves you


This is my story! What’s yours?

Have you met Jennifer? Read about her and her marriage now!


5 thoughts on “Marriage|How I survived the test and trials…

  1. Thank you for being a inspiration for me. Because where you was at I am there now. But seeing your post gives me hope and faith to not to give up.

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    1. Makisha, I’m glad that you had a opportunity to read my article and it touch your life. Marriage is a full time job without vacation that sometimes has ups and downs , but it’s how we go through the process that makes the difference in our relationship with our spouse. My husband and I have endured a lot of struggles early in our marriages which led us to fully trust God if we were going to continue to stay together. The road hasn’t been easy but God has been a driving force in our commitment towards one another. It is our prayer that God continues to give you and your husband strength to continue to press on and Remember The Covenant!


      1. Yes ma’am I see that. I am in for the long haul. Thank you for responding. I look forward to learning more.


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