In 2006, being married to my ex-husband was like I was married to the seed of Satan himself. I would wake up daily and go to sleep with hits, slaps, beatings and him choking me. I got so use to the beatings because they had became a daily routine and I thought I had no choice but to live by this. There was a time where he felt he got tired of me and I was ready to pack up my girls and run away to wherever I felt safe and comfort. He got the gun he had recently purchased from a friend and I guess he thought I would be his first shooting target so he used the famous lines, “NOBODY LOVES YOU BUT ME AND IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU NO ONE CAN”! All while he told me this I was glaring at staring down the barrel of a gun that he had already hit me in the mouth with. He used his gun to hit me in the mouth it busted my top lip my first time. Sadly he done this in front of our daughters. I thought my life was over but as Tasha Cobbs says, ” there is power in the name of Jesus” because as soon as the name JESUS escaped my lips the gun became jammed and when he got angry threw it against the wall in the laundry room and that’s when the bullets begin to explode. Glory to God the bullets missed me and my daughters and a bullet hit my ex-husband in the ankle. Because of all the beatings from my ex-husband I am missing my two front teeth. So if any of my friends has ever wondered what happened to Sheena’s teeth? No you have your answer. I’m a victim of domestic violence. I’m not ashamed if anyone ask me about my teeth because it wasn’t my fault that I was beat. One night he dreamed that I was cheating on him and woke up and beat me. In the marriage I wasn’t allowed to ever leave the house or sit in the living room . I was confined to our bedroom and the bathroom. Before my 30th birthday, was my second encounter with my husband’s gun and bullets. These incidents are just a few of the things I experienced while being married. I grateful to God for my life. I’m still here. I’m still alive. My name is Sheena and I’ve told my story.. I am a survivor!

These stories are REAL stories that give an account of either sexual abuse, domestic violence or breast cancer. It is our goal to share as many stories as possible in order to stop domestic violence and sexual abuse and start healing in our nation. If you would like to tell your story please email it to survivors@womenwithgifts.com. In order to duplicate or re~publish any article from our website you must have the written consent from the founder of Women With Gifts.

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