Rodney and Vincent 

   I am so proud to be the only begotten son of my Mother, Moma E. She 
has withstood, by God's help, the most ultimate of adversities with a 
spirit of love and compassion, especially for others. 
    How can someone with so much suffering still love people who left 
her hanging? It's simple, she always told me that she wanted to be like 
Jesus. I'm reminded that through the real suffering of Jesus Christ, he 
was left by people he should have been able to depend on for support. 
God will sometimes allow things in our lives to increase our Faith in 
   There is one incident I will never forget as long as I live. 
Everybody I knew was YMCA members and I wanted to join. Mom said, you 
can't right now because I can't afford to let you and your Sister join. 
I immediately went and told my Sister these words, "I hate you." Mom was
so mad she said, you will never join the YMCA long as you live. Go tell 
your Sister that you are sorry and you love her. I was able to join the 
Boys Club and other organizations, but up until this present moment I 
never joined the YMCA.
    I am not sure if she cursed my membership there or not, but her 
purpose was clear, do not hate, love everybody especially your Lil 
Sister. I am convinced while going through this life that Love never 
and it covers a multitude of Sin. I've learned real love from watching 
my Moma E. He that does not love knoweth not God for God is Love.  Thank 
you Mama for your unconditional Love. We love you so much.

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