My Story: How I Survived

May 21, 2012 was the day I received the most devastating news of my life.  Out of the three breast biopsies performed one came back positive for breast cancer.  Denial set in, I kept thinking this could not possibly be true.  I’m a child of God and something like this could not possibly happen to me I kept thinking.  You see no one in my family had ever been diagnosed with cancer I am the first of nine siblings, not even my parents or grandparents ever faced this disease. Cancer does not discriminate. My diagnosis came at the age 54 and I was employed as a school bus driver for FWISD.  I had been witnessed to several coworkers suffering with the same diagnoses not even realizing I would have to do some of the same things they were doing including losing my hair.  Thank god for my pastor, my children, and my church family because without their support and prayers this journey of mines would have had a very different outcome. One of the hardest things I had to do was tell my daughters because this disease would not only impact my life but theirs also. I love them so much, My daughters suggested I get a second opinion and paid for me to go to a Holistic Dr. Needless to say when the Dr showed me the cancer cells that was in just one drop of blood under a microscope, my very own prayer partner and sister in Christ Debrah was a witness, at that moment I felt closer to death than I had ever been in my whole life. So it was established that the cancer was real and that I was in a battle for not just my natural life but my spiritual life as well. A true test of faith. Through faith, hope, and trust in Almighty God and the words of wisdom spoken to me by a great and wise woman of God Pastor Jackson I am still here. I survived surgery, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. To God be the Glory.

These stories are REAL stories that give an account of either sexual abuse, domestic violence or breast cancer. It is our goal to share as many stories as possible in order to stop domestic violence and sexual abuse and start healing in our nation. If you would like to tell your story please email it to In order to duplicate or re~publish any article from our website you must have the written consent from the founder of Women With Gifts.

See pictures below of our breast cancer survivor. She was one of our honorees at our recent I Survived Gospel Concert that celebrates survivors of breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse. She is a survivor!




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