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Picture of Zee and her moms nails after their recent manicure.
As a teen I’ve always wondered why I don’t fit in with other teens my age. Why is it that I struggle to be a part of group. I’ve never told anyone this, but when I was younger I would not turn in my homework just to fit in with others. I know it sounds silly, but I thought if my so called friends didn’t turn in their homework then I shouldn’t turn in my homework. I thought that doing this would make me cool or hip. Was I right? Did my plan work? NO! Then everyone thought I was stupid. From those days to this one I don’t know if they were calling me stupid for trying to be like others in the class or if they called me stupid for not turning in assignments that were hidden in my backpack. I can boldly admit that was stupid, but it was my strongest effort to fit in with my peers.

Here’s one of my struggles with being a teen and having friends. One of my friends may not like the other friend so I can’t invite all of my friends over at one time. I love having friends, but I hate having to pick and choose between my friends. My dad always tells me, “association brings about assimilation”. My mom says, “birds of a feather flock together”. They are basically saying that I am who I associate with.

Friends can help you because they can keep you on the straight and narrow. Help you to do right when you’re attempting to do wrong. So called friends can hurt you by not telling you what’s right. So called friends think it’s fun to do wrong and they really don’t care about rules or getting into trouble. Not being able to fit in with a certain group is not always bad because some groups aren’t meant for us.

β€œWhat is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

Photography by Radiant Sparks
Photography by Radiant Sparks
This blog was written by Zee a 13 year old writer/blogger who loves to read,write, cook and hang out with friends

This article has been published in Running On Magazine, Enticing Magazine and Sarah Magazine.


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